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Roses in Bloom | Flower Mound, TX Photographer

When I was a little girl we lived next door to Eloise and Bill, an older couple who took me in as their extra grandchild.  All of my grandparents lived out of state so it was nice to have them around.  One Summer when I was around the age of 5 or 6, they planted an oak tree the same height as me and took a photo of me standing next to it.  Of course the oak tree quickly out grew me.  Eloise would take me to her backyard where she grew beautiful roses.  I would walk around and sniff each bloom while she tended to them.  I decided then that when I grew up I would grow beautiful roses in my yard too.  Well I made that dream come true after I graduated college, first in containers until I owned my 1st home.  When my husband and I first married and bought our home that was my 1st priority, to build a rose garden.  I now grow over 25 roses, here are a few blooming this Spring.

David Austin's "Pat Austin"
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David Austin's "Lilian Austin" 
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Veterans Honor, this one is in memory of my grandfather who served in WWII
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Sweet Surrender
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Not a rose but a companion for roses-Clamatis
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tanja said...

very pretty! I cant believe you know their "names"

Krista Lund said...

wow! these are all gorgeous. my fave is the cream/white one.

Andrea Gomoll said...

Beautiful ... I esp. love the third one!

Candy Howard Photography said...

Beautiful! You've got a great variety! I have...weeds!

Kim said...

These are so pretty! I definitely do not have a green thumb so kudos to you for having such pretty flowers! :)

Autumn Branscome said...

Love that 3rd shot! Wow!

Ridge Meadows Photography said...

Very very pretty! Beautiful colors..and photos:)

aimee ferguson said...

beautiful!!! i wish i were more of a green thumb, these are lovely!!

Kimberlee said...

These are so beautiful!

Toya said...

I would love to just sit in your garden and read while smelling these.

Tracey Waid said...

You are such a green thumb! Love!

Susy said...

Love your roses! Such beautiful colors!

Jennifer Lauren said...

Very pretty! Love the third one, such a wild color pattern! Reminds me of art class and splatter paint!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! I have a black thumb, so I'm jealous!

Sarah said...


Melissa said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Nance Heidemann said...

Wow! What beautiful flowers and images!

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