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The Flower Mound | Flower Mound/Highland Village Child Portrait Photographer

Our town is named after this Mound called Flower Mound.  Wildflowers grow year round especially Spring-Summer months and this year they especially have been beautiful.  New Years Eve a portion of it caught on fire from a firework spark, the fire actually helped grow more flowers b/c it helps enrich the soil.  Town officials have wanted to do controlled burns but residents who live near the mound oppose for fear of their homes catching fire.  So it's been a 2 sided debate.  We do have a lot of wind in our area since we're located within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex so I completely understand residents fears.  However it sure makes it a beautiful site when we actually have flowers growing on the mound.

I try to take my daughters up here at least 1-2 times during the Spring.  Especially during Easter when 3 crosses are placed on the top.  My oldest daughter complains because the wildflowers can be scratchy to skin.  So I was lucky to get her to participate.  I had a very small window of time as it was approaching sunset.

IMG_0967 blog

My 3 year old is a stubborn stinker, notice how her headband and shoes don't match her dress?  She refused to wear the headband and sandals mommy picked out.  She's taking a close look at the Indian Blanket.
IMG_0972 blog

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Pillow case dresses available at Robin's Nest Boutique 
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This image was taken in April around Easter, I love these yellow flowers against the blue sky.  This was taken during the middle of the afternoon which isn't the most idea time of day for photos.
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Twin Babies | Highland Village & Dallas/Ft. Worth area baby photographer

I shared a sneak peek recently of this sweet family, here are a few more of my favorites.



IMG_0942 bw


IMG_0874 bw

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Double the Happiness! | Flower Mound/Highland Village/DFW Baby Photographer

This beautiful family is celebrating a first Mother's Day with their almost 4 month old twins!  These sweet girls have grown so much since I last took their portraits at 8 days old.


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