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Back to School! | Dallas/Ft. Worth area Children's Portrait Photographer

School is officially back in session including pre-schools!  Both of our daughter's are in pre-school 2x a week this year, our oldest in pre-kindergarten and youngest in a 2 year old class.  It's hard to believe next year we will be entering elementary school.  The past 4+ years have gone by in a blurr!  Before I became a mom I had heard that the time would fly when you have children and it sure does.  It feels like it was just yesterday that we brought our 1st born home from the hospital.  This is why it's so important to capture beautiful images of your children and family to cherish every year of life.  I have family heirloom portraits that have been handed down to me from when my great-grandmother was a young child.  Family portraits will last many generations!  Contact me today to book your child(ren's)/family portraits.

My daughter flipping through her Great-Great Grandma's Bible from the 1930's from whom she is named after.
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Looking at all the old etches from children over the years on the vintage desk.  Headband from Spoiled Sweet Boutique
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Melissa Klein said...

SO CUTE! What a fun idea, and I just love that second photo. Your girls are adorable. :)

Kerri said...

Your girls are adorable! Love the theme and props :).

Margie Mobley said...

Super cute! Your daughters are adorable.
Great job!

Melissa Lloyd said...

What a cute little girl!

Krista Lund said...

these girls are too cute! good job!

Tori said...

Such a great idea. Your girls are too cute!

Tonya said...

How awesome are they?! I love your girls' hair!

Kate said...

Beautiful!! Love the theme!

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