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Holiday Card Offers | Tiny Prints Affilate

Now that Thanksgiving has passed it’s time for one of my favorite holiday traditions...sending Holiday cards to family and friends!  This year I joined Tiny Prints as a photographer affiliate.  

A new twist on the Holiday card is Tiny Print's Ornament cards, which are great for family and friends because the card doubles as a Christmas ornament! Not only can you browse through a variety of unique cards, but Laura Ching the founder of Tiny Prints and design guru joins in on the Holiday cheer and chooses her favorite seasonal cards with Laura’s Picks. Tiny Prints is even perfect for families on a budget because you can find adorable and personal Holiday Cards with the Studio Basic Line starting at $.79. Do you already know exactly what you want your holiday card to look? Use Tiny Prints’ new DIY Holiday Card tool to build your card and customize to your heart’s content. Want something unique, but not quite DIY? Check out Rounded Corner Cards, Cards with Back Designs and Cards with Unique Formats for a custom look without starting from scratch. Don't forget that this year gray, gold, and neutral are the trending Colors. Here’s one of my favorites.

What makes Tiny Prints different
and so amazing is that before each order is shipped it is hand reviewed (by a human!) for any issues, so you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality cards. Shop Tiny Prints Holiday cards today. These cards are sure to amaze family and friends. Make sure to check out all of the latest coupons from Tiny Prints. Happy shopping!
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Andrea said...

I didn't know you could be an affiliate! I'm definitely going to check into that- Tiny Prints is amazing!!

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