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Easter Blessings | Flower Mound/Highland Village Child Photographer

Every year Flower Mound puts up 3 crosses on The Flower Mound and there is a Easter Sunrise service on Sunday.  We unfortunately are never up early enough on the weekend to attend especially now with children.  I always look forward to seeing the 3 crosses and have made it a tradition to take my 2 daughters up on the mound for a photo opportunity.  On this particular day I waited too late in the day and it was very sunny, so not the most ideal timing.  I've also given up on getting them to fully cooperate so I just let them explore in order for me to capture "in the moment".  This was one of my favorites.  My oldest daughter was catching ladybugs, these Bluebonnets were covered with them!

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amy said...

aww i love this! such a great moment

Melissa Klein said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Crystal said...

Love this!

Michelle said...

This is stunning!

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