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T is for Two | Dallas/Ft. Worth Photographer

My sweet nephew turned 2 at the end of October, it's amazing how fast he has grown.  In fact he is nearly as tall as his cousin who will be 4 in the Spring.  T. continues to amaze us all over coming obstacles he faced in the womb and in his first year.  You would never know by looking at this active little boy, he runs, jumps, and climbs when doctors told my sister and brother and law to expect the worse and they he may never walk.  Now he is a risk taker keeping my sister and brother in-law on their toes.



Pulling the pumpkin wagon!


He had a camping themed birthday party!

 Do you think he liked his cake?

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Amber said...

So cute! Great shots! ♥

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness. I am totally in love.

Lana said...

So adorable! Great images

Kim Kravitz said...

What a little cutie pie!! Great set and happy birthday!!

Jessica said...

What a cutie!

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