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Happy 6th Birthday | Flower Mound/DFW child Photographer

E.'s 6 Favorite Things

1. Constructing buildings with blocks or Legos.

2. Drawing and making books.

3. Roll playing such as a cook, mail carrier, teacher, singer, dancer, etc...

4. Gymnastics

5. Organizing

6. Playing with little sister.


Twirling her scarf




Before top tooth fell out

Few minutes after top tooth fell out.
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tamara said...

beautiful little girl! I love the way you added her top 6 likes.

Jackie said...

She is beautiful!

Amy said...

She is gorgeous! Love her curls :)

Chavi said...

Awe! Happy B-day :)

Candice said...

So sweet! Love the fact that her tooth fell out during pictures!

Andrea said...

Awesome portraits!! Love the backlit one, so dreamy...and her American Girl!

Jessica Curkovic said...

So beautiful! You did a great job capturing personality here, these are wonderful!

Donna said...

Oh my, those curls! These are all wonderful images of your beautiful girl!

Shyne Photography said...

She is such a sweetie. Great shots.

kimhilde said...

She's beautiful! I love the top 6 list too! :)

Beth Ross said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. I adore her beautiful curls. I love the backlit shot so much.

Rena Christine said...

Looks like she had fun! :) Lovely shots!

AshleyS said...

very cute little girl!

Lerin said...

I am loving the motion you captured on her scarf twirling shot!

Lisa Durocher said...

I love her curls! Great pictures!

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