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Making a Fairy Garden | Flower Mound Photographer

My youngest daughter had a Fairy Garden Party so of course we needed to make a Fairy Garden for the center piece.

It was a lot of fun gathering ideas and supplies.  Here is my Pinterest Board of my favorites.

Here is what you'll need:

1. Wide Planter, can be shallow or bucket.  I considered an oval metal tub.

2. Moss, I bought Aurea Scotch Moss and Irish Moss.

3. Other shade loving plants, I included an Impatient and Fern.

4. Soil.

5. Bird House or Fairy House.  We converted wooden bird houses and cut a door.

6. Paint and decorations for the fairy house.

7. Fairies,

8. Rocks and/or pebbles for pathways.


Primed with spay paint primer, this one will have a mushroom red/white polka dot roof.

Found these at Michael's Craft Store.

We used acrylic metallic paint.

We still need to cut the door on this castle.

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Alicia said...

What an adorable idea! Too cute and I love the way you captured them making them. Love!

Andrea said...

This is such a great idea! My daughter's 4th birthday is coming up...I think I know what kind of party we'll be having!!

Tara said...

great idea! I hope she had a fun birthday!

Carrie said...

That's super cute! I want to try that with my daughter!

rachael said...

what a cute idea!!! look slike they had fun.

Whitney said...

This is so cute!! Will have to do this for my daughter next summer.

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