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Summer Bucket List

My oldest daughter completed her first year of elementary school, it's hard to believe it's over!  

Since we are so used to daily activity, I'm preparing to keep my kids entertained this Summer.  I've read about Summer Bucket Lists before and took a look at a few last year but never pulled through with creating one of our own.  A friend posted about her Activity Bucket and I love the idea, she has it color coded with Popsicle sticks.  It is similar to this one except hers have actual colored sticks.  So off to Pinterest I went in search of lists that I could print out.  I found that many had local activities which didn't work for me since I don't live in the same area.  I found this great printable list to fill in your own blanks!

Next to each line I marked a dot to indicate the color code.

Green-Car Trip 

Next I wrote on each stick and had my daughters' color the top each stick.  On some sticks we used 2 colors to indicate that it was a car trip and outdoor activity, special treat, etc...

Here is our list of 50.

1. puzzles
2. board games
3. Lego building
4. swimming at CAC
5. art class
6. art project
7. spash/baby pool
8. backyard games
9. playdate w/friend(s)
10. paint
11. color
12. science experiment
13. baking
14. cook/make your own lunch
15. lemonade stand
16. zoo
17. museum
18. splash pad
19. waterpark
20. read books
21. role play/dress-up
22. book report
23. research (science topic)
24. make a book
25. mall play area/walk
26. chalk
27. bubbles
28. make Playdoh
29. bug hunt
30. flash card drilling
31. library 
32. Indoor Safari Park
33. Going Bonkers
34. play Barbie's
35. play kitchen
36. ride bikes
37. nature walk
38. math games
39. walk to Culvers or Chick Fil A
40. Playdoh 
41. play baby dolls
42. Movie Theatre
43. Move at home
44. sandbox
45. treasure hunt
46. water painting
47. gardening
48. park/playground
50. feed ducks 

Happy Summer!
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Hannah said...

This is such a cool idea! ♥

Heather D said...

What a clever idea! Never seen it before. Lovely images - love them all but the first one is really cute

Christine said...

Great list!!

AVBergantino said...

Great list and idea! Looks the makings for an unforgettable summer!

Kersten said...

Great idea! Very inspiring.

tanja said...

grea tidea! hope you get them all done!!

amy said...

such a GREAT idea! may have to use this myself ;)

Andrea said...

oh my goodness- this is an awesome idea! I'll be finding you on Pinterest... :)

gina wade said...

What a fun idea. I love the way you have this documented.... you guys are ambitious!! ;)

Rena Christine said...

Oooh! I need to do this! :)

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