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Beach Family Time 3 | Flower Mound, TX Photographer

We checked out Pleasure Pier the night of our beach day.  This is a very clean and safe amusement park located along the seawall in Galveston Island, TX.  Just like most amusement parks be ready to spend a bit for the experience.  They were very good with safety checks and keeping gates locked.  Our youngest was able to ride 4 or 5 rides with an adult on some.  Our oldest was just a couple inches shy of riding all the rides.

This is the first time I've seen a double deck carousel.

I always loved this ride growing up.  I had a turn later in the night, daughter #2 wasn't tall enough to ride.

Check out those two serious drivers!

On our anniversary, we rode the Ferry to Bolivar Island.  I have fond memories of riding the ferry as a child.  I remember going to the beach from the ferry so my parents may have taken us to Crystal Beach.  

I love Lighthouses, this one is private so there is no public access to visit.

Bolivar Island has an interesting history, we visited Fort Travis Park.

Crystal Beach, there were some beautiful beach homes right off the beach and vehicles were allowed to drive directly on the beach.

We spotted dolphins on our ride back on the ferry to Galveston Island.

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Konul said...

What fun summer images! I have never seen a double-deck carousel, so fun! :)

Christine said...

Looks so fun!

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