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Celebrating 100 Years | Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Photographer

We've been looking forward to this big celebration all year.  My husband's grandfather turned 100 Years old this month!  He and his wife have been married for 77 years and she turned 99 this past March.  They are amazing people with so many memories to share.

 The birthday man with two of his great-grandchildren.
 His beautiful wife and my husband's grandmother.
 One of my husband's uncles had this party favor made, I love the details!

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heather said...

Wow! 100 years old. How great is that! Happy birthday to your husband's grandfather!

Rachel said...

What a great celebration. Your photos will be a wonderful memory of it!

Heather said...

Amazing!! And you wouldn't even know by looking he is 100!!

Angela said...

happy birthday!!! such a special day for him and his family

Heather said...

What a huge milestone and amazing birthday! It is so wonderful that he could not only be surrounded by family but have you document this momentous occasion!

Ipek said...

Such a great event to photograph! Wishing them many more years to live!

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