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2015 Bluebonnets | Family Portrait Photographer in Flower Mound, TX

It's family tradition to take pictures in the Bluebonnets every year.  Most years I'm only able to capture our girls and my husband and then hand the camera to hubby and hope he gets a decent one of me with the girls.  This year I decided I wanted to replace a family portrait on our wall from 4 years ago.  Which meant pulling out the tripod and attempting it myself.  Last time around I was surprised by the result from running behind the camera to my spot with the camera timer.  This year I was excited about using a remote, which meant just hiding a remote and standing or sitting still.  So on my first attempt, my husband wasn't up for taking pictures after a long day at work so it was just my girls.  I took them to a lake location and we enjoyed watching the sunset.  On the 2nd attempt, we went to an over crowded field with too many cars and people.  The wind was crazy and so were my children and husband as they would not cooperate!  Finally 3rd time is a charm, right?  Yep, we finally have a winner!  It wasn't the best time of day either which meant finding a place that was uncrowded and had open shade.  We went back to our favorite spot we used 4 years ago.  I guess it's best to stick to old places than new sometimes.

First attempt, I do love this one!  Now I need to find a place to put it once it's printed on canvas.

2nd attempt, this was after a lot of Photoshop work to remove people and reduce some of the sun flare.  Not quite what I was wanting but the best shot out of all of them.

3nd and final attempt.

As you can see, the lighting was very different in each day.  The first was right at "golden hour" about 20 minutes before sunset.  The 2nd was about an hour before sunset and the last was late afternoon with bright sun.  As you can see I'm a little obsessed with Bluebonnet portraits.  The Spring is my favorite season of the year and I look forward to watching all the flowers begin to bloom.
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