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Frozen Roses | Dallas/Ft. Worth, Flower Mound, TX Photographer

This morning was quite chilly at 30° and a "feels like" of 25°.  I enjoyed a morning walk after dropping my children off at school.  There were active birds around, even a wood pecker working on a dead tree.  While nature was on my mind I thought about some of my roses in bloom that I noticed last night.  So I grabbed my new macro lens to see what I could capture this morning.  Due to the temperature, these beautiful blooms are frozen.  You can see the frost lining the edges of the petals.

 frozen spider web

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Jessica said...

Pretty!! I love the crisp details and lovely colors! So lovely.

Katherine said...

Beautiful pics with your macro! Especially love that third image of the leaves.

Ebony said...

Those frosted roses are so pretty!

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