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While I don't specialize in pet photography, I love capturing my own pets as well as clients with their pets.  My sweet lab turned 10 in December and this month marks 10 years since I adopted him.  He was only 7 weeks old and I can still remember his sleepy droopy eyes and puppy breath.  I've had other dogs growing up but he was the first that I raised on my own.  I met my husband when Brodie was 5 months old and he gave a hand in helping train him as well.  He has been the gentlest and sweetest dog.  Brodie also cooperates better than my human children in front of the camera.  He sadly is beginning to suffer from arthritis and beginning stages of cataracts.

7 weeks old

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Anjuli Francois said...

Cute dog. He seems like a great furry friend.

Abbe McCracken said...

I love him. I love these images.

angela said...


Heather said...

Oh Brodie is such a handsome guy! It rough to have a pet age especially when they have been part of your family for so long.

creativeapples said...

brodie look like such a great companion! Great job capturing him!

Heidi Kapust said...


Crystal Phelps said...

These are amazing!!! So sharp!!

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