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Importance of Photography | Family Photographer in Flower Mound, TX

Photography documents history, which is why it's so important to have an updated family portrait.  As adults we can give excuses such as money, I need to loose a few lbs. first, etc...  Then time passes and passes.  One day you may look back and regret that you didn't have your photo taken more especially with your children.  When your children grow up they will want to see what you looked like younger.  Even looking through snap shots stored on my computer I notice that I'm behind the camera more than in front of it.  Not to be morbid but we also don't know when our time is up here on Earth.  I'm so grateful for the photos I took of my grandfather with my children.  It was the first time he met my youngest and sadly the last.

When was your last family portrait?

I inherited old family photos from my paternal grandfather when he passed away.  His parents and grandparents had many family portraits taken.  It's so wonderful to have these to look back.  My great-grandmother was one of the identical twins in this photo whom my daughter is named after.
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