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Little Sweetheart | Baby Photographer in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

This precious sweetheart was 1 month old for her "newborn" portraits.  At this age babies are more alert and take a bit more time to get sleepy for portraits.  Miss. H. did great including a smile or two and we finally got her out at the end of her session.

This Easter Tree is a family heirloom of her daddy's.

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Heather Symes said...

very sweet. I love the eye contact.

Kerri said...

Awww, love the image with her mama. She's adorable!

Heather said...

A sweetheart indeed! I love them!

Kim Kelley said...

Gorgeous pics! I love your set ups!

Carrie said...

Very cute photos of an older newborn!

Crystal said...

Awe so cute, her eyes are so expressive!

Kimberlee said...

Love the sweet smiles in the first picture! Nice work.

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