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Celebrating 8 | Flower Mound, TX Child Portrait Photographer

It amazes me how quickly time passes raising children.  Our oldest daughter celebrates her 8th birthday today!  It feels like it was just yesterday she was little bitty.

Here are 8 things she loves!

Games-mostly computer and tablet games which includes Minecraft and Roblox

Legos-She gets so excited to build a new kit but also comes up with her own creations.

Crafts-There is always something creative she is working on, most recently she made a paper film strip.

American Doll-She loves to match her clothes to her doll.

Playing Outdoors-Riding her bicycle, scooter, or even swinging in the backyard.

Friends and Little Sister

Singing-Her new karaoke machine is getting a lot of use.

Drama-She loves to make up a play and be "on stage" to perform for mom and dad. 

Happy Birthday!

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Kate said...

aw, Happy Birthday!

Nafa said...

Happy birthday!!
Love the hair!

Danielle Thomas said...

Such a beautiful location. Love all the backdrops!

Melissa said...

She is beautiful! And that creek -- what a gorgeous location. Love these! Happy birthday to her! :-)

Melissa Klein said...

Holly cow - that location is to die for! Gorgeous shots, and happy birthday to her! :)

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