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Lego Party | Flower Mound, TX Photograher

Our daughter has loved building blocks for as long as she was able to start stacking.  She's wanted a Lego themed party for a while now, which I knew would take a lot of planning and organization.  Thanks to Pinterest it made it much easier to plan.

I designed the party invitation using graphics available from Etsy here and here.

Brick molds were used to make these large brick candies for the cupcakes and cake as well as the Mini Figure mold for crayons.  There are available to purchase here.

 Again I used the graphics from above to make the cupcake wrappers.

When the party guest arrived, they choose a goodie bag and decorated the back with Lego stickers from the Lego Ultimate Sticker Collection.  Then they choose a Lego Ring, a crayon Mini Figure, bag of Brick candy, and a pencil.
It was fun melting old broken crayons into Mini Figures.
 Next we had other crafts and game activities around the room.
  Here they are decorating a Mini Figure, which can be found here.  Cutting them out was a bit of a task but they really enjoyed this craft!

Roll the dice, collect the # of bricks you roll, and build a creation.

 Lego has free coloring sheets available to download and print. 

 Lego Bingo, free printable found here.  My daughter came up with the idea of using buttons as markers.  Which was perfect since we already had some on hand.
 Pin the Head on the Lego Person, free printable found here.  I had fun drawing different faces, it would be fun to let the kids make their own too.
 Ring Toss, these were easy to make!  The only problem was that they would move around so next time I'd tape them each down and mark a throw line.
 Food table, with Marshmallow Lego Heads, a plastic ware Lego holder, cheese cubes with pretzels, and chips.  The banner can be found on the Friends Lego site, I just added the letters to spell out Happy Birthday.

 Marshmallow Lego Heads, easy to make!  Click here for instructions.

Personalized shirt found LinaMonograming Etsy shop. Plus hair clip found at BoydsBowCreations Etsy shop.

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Such a great idea! The colors are great!

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