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Before and After Processing | Flower Mound, TX Photographer

Processing images is one of my favorite things besides taking portraits.  I shoot in Camera Raw, which is a file with minimal processed data.  In other words the camera isn't choosing the colors for you like in a jpg. file.  
Here are the steps I use to process an image.
1. Select my images to process.
2.  Pull the image into Adobe Camera Raw.
3. Choose my white balance.  I prefer images on the warmer side for the most part.  Especially for outdoor portraits, it brings out the golden colors from the sun.  
4. Next I tweak the exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows as needed.  Depending on the image I may add a touch of vibrance or saturation.  All of these things can be done in more detail in Photoshop. 
5. Crop the image if needed.
 6. Pull image into Photoshop.
7. Next I run my own action I created for other adjustments which include a warming filter, levels to add black in areas where it's needed, curves adjustment, and a 2nd levels adjustment for midtones if needed.  I adjust the opacity of each layer as needed.
8. Retouching the skin as needed, which includes removing blemishes, scratches, or bruises.  I leave scares, birth marks, and freckles as that is part of the person.
9. Then I take a look at the background if there is anything that is distracting that takes away from the subject that needs to be removed. For example a person in the background that wasn't part of the shot, trash, a power line, etc...  I will remove any of these things as needed.
10.  Then I check for any more added pop that needs to be added to the image.  Such as a vibrance to pop the color, edge burn, etc...
11. The final step is to prepare the file for web sharing and printing.  I run an action for each as web files need to be resized and sharpened differently than a file for printing.
 As you can see I can spend 15-20 minutes just on one image!  Imagine a full gallery of images. 
Here is a Before and After, as you can see it makes a huge difference in this image!
Before/RAW image without processing

After Processing
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Heather said...

Wow - what a difference!

Melissa Klein said...

WOW - that's amazing!

Rebekah said...

Love the before and after! Thanks for sharing!

Nafa said...

Always love seeing before and after images :) Great job!

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