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Valentine Projects

My last Valentine wreath was made several years ago and it's been time for a new one for a while now.  Sadly I bought the materials a couple of years ago and finally made time to complete it.  Thanks to Pinterest there are so many ideas.  My favorite thing to do is pick and choose from several ideas to come up with my own creation. 

I started with wrapping a foam shaped heart with red yarn.  The only part that I glued were the ends and the top and bottom of the heart.

Next I made a couple of different flowers out of felt, roses and mums.  There are so many flowers you can make out of felt, check out these for variety.

Here is my finished wreath!

For our Valentine Treat, I made Sandwich cookie truffles.  I've made these before but this time cut them out in a heart shape.  Here is a great step by step tutorial.  I always try to make things lower fat or healthier when I can so I used Whole Foods sandwich cookies and low-fat cream cheese.

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Melissa Klein said...

What a fun project! Looks like it turned out great. :)

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