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Project 52 Week 5 | Flower Mound, TX Photographer

Project 52
Week: 5 
Theme: The Light {we dread}

I dread indoor artificial light.  I usually move subject to windows to use natural lighting.  I used a high ISO on this shot.  Here is our 12 1/2-year-old cat Calvin, he was a rescue kitten who was bottle fed with his siblings.  His momma was has hit and killed by a car.  Since he was bottle fed and not taught by a momma cat he has a bad attitude.  He does have his affectionate moments but when he's done he will let you know too.  In the last 7 months he lost his buddies he grew up with our 17-year-old cat and 12-year-old dog then gained new fur siblings.  It's been an adjustment for him and he's finally coming around.

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