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Planning your Family Session | Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Family Photographer

Planning and preparing for your family portrait session can be a bit of a stress but also exciting!  It's so important to have updated family portraits at least every 2 years if not annually.  We never know when something might change and we want to cherish these memories before they are gone.

Here is a check list to help ease your stress.

1. Choose a photographer, whether it me or someone else.  When making this decision don't let price be the only deciding factor.  Take a look at the photographer's portfolio and decide if their style matches your own.  Do you want trendy, modern, classic, or vintage?  

2.  Decide on a date and location.  What season do you want Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer?  Do you want a studio or outdoor look?  If deciding on an outdoor location ask yourself if you want urban, rural, or even your own backyard can make a great backdrop.  Textures and color make it fun too, such as brick, metal, and wood grain.

3. Carefully consider the time of day, outdoor portraits are best early morning and late afternoon/evening for the most pleasing light.  You don't want harsh light where the subjects are squinting and you can't see their eyes.  

5. If children are involved be sure they are well and rested.  A sick or tired child may not show their best expressions or smiles.

6. Plan "What to Wear", outfits don't need to all match but coordinate and not clash with each other.  Try to avoid too many bold patterns and logos, stick with simple so that the subject stands out and not the clothing.  You can also mix and match by bringing in one subjects clothing with some pattern and pulling out solids for other subjects.  Check out my Pinterest board for ideas.

7. Last of all have a great time!  

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Konul said...

Great post! Lots of useful info for families to prepare for their session!

mary said...

great info! thanks for sharing

katie said...

such a great post!

rachael said...

great info for sure!

Abbe McCracken said...

Great tips Robin!

Anna said...

Very good tips!

Shilan said...

Great post! Thanks :)

Amber said...

Great post! Lots of helpful info! :)

Hope Copeland said...

Love the tips! They are great! Worth any client read!

Rena Christine said...

Nice list! Very helpful for families :)

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