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Arcade Birthday Party | Dallas/Ft. Worth Child Photographer

My daughter requested a party at Chuck E. Cheese for her 6th birthday this year.  It brought back memories of my own arcade birthday party except mine was at Show Biz Pizza.  After some research I found out that Show Biz Pizza was the original and Chuck E. Cheese was a competitor.  To read the history, click here.  I love planning my kids birthday parties and what better place to look for ideas is Pinterest!  There were not too many pins so I made my own board of ideas.

Party Invitation, graphics by JW Illustrations 

Party Invitation web
 Birthday Girl concentrating on the game.
IMG_0888 web

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

IMG_0873 web


 IMG_0882 web

Excited to see her buddy!

IMG_0890 web

IMG_0887 web

Ticket Blaster

IMG_0954 web

Party Favor

IMG_0856 web

Chuck E.

IMG_0936 web


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amy said...

aaaand now i want a cupcake ;) great job-- especially given the light in that place, and a very happy birthday to your little lady!

Ellen said...

Looks like a fun party- what a great cake! Happy birthday to her!

Rena Christine said...

ahh! that brings back memories :) Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Summer said...

What a fun party! You captured it perfectly!

jennifer said...

How awesome are those cupcakes?! Great photos!

Jane said...

don't ya just love pinterest?! Those cupcakes look awesome!

Jessica Curkovic said...

Oh these are great! I think its hard to get great photos at chucky cheese, you did a great job!

Michelle said...

Fun! My oldest wants a Chucky Cheese bday too! :o)

kimhilde said...

Looks like she had so much fun! Great job!

Amber said...

How fun! Great shots! :)

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