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Twin 1st Birthday | Flower Mound/Highland Village Baby Photographer

Double the mess and double the fun!  I can't believe these twins are 1 already!  I've been taking their portraits since they were 8 days new.


I love this shot of Miss. K. grabbing a taste of twin sister's cake!

Clean-Up time!

 IMG_7384 airy bw

IMG_7371 airy bw 

These girls took me by surprise, I wasn't expecting them to be walking so well when I arrived.  They started walking around 10 months!


Miss. R. was hard to keep on the backdrop but she had fun with this hat box!




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Leslie L said...

Adorable little girls! Beautiful job!

Adriane Herlihy said...

Wow they are so precious! Love the cake smash ones!

Amber said...

OMG~these are so cute! Love all the props and such cuties! Great work!

christy said...

Super cute, great job on these :)

Barbara said...

These are fantastic - so bright and beautiful. The sneaky cake grab made me laugh out loud!

Amber said...

SO cute! I love cake smash sessions! :)

Jennifer King said...

so cute! Love twins!

Carolyn said...

hahaa the hat box pic, too cuuute!! And double the mess for sure! Great series!

Jessica Curkovic said...

These are so stinkin cute! Great job!

Sarah said...

Nothing beats babies, beads and tutus! So cute. I can't get enough of the reach over on the cake smash. Too fun!

Jennifer Harris said...

What gorgeous little girls! Love how she had to taste her sister's cake too! :)

Crystal said...

I love the one where one of them is trying to eat the others cake! How adorable! I love your processing!

Angela Powell Woulfe said...

Twice the fun!!

Tori said...

Too cute!

Jane said...

oh so cute!!

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