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Winter | Flower Mound & Dallas/Ft. Worth area photographer

While I love portraiture, I have been attracted to nature photography since my childhood.  When taking my daughter's 6th birthday portraits in January, this tree caught my eye with one lonesome horse apple.  I felt that this really captured natures change of season-Winter.  While Winter is not my favorite season of the year, I feel that we should embrace the changes of seasons.  How boring would it be to have only one season all year long?  I also look forward to one of my favorite seasons, Spring which is around the corner!

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Andrea said...

Cool picture! I am very anxious for Spring... :)

ohsnapitspicturetime said...

I love the color pop in this picture and the creative composition, great photo! I also cannot wait til spring gets here!

Staci said...

oh I hear you about winter! I'm so anxious for it to go away and welcome back the light of spring.

Whitney said...

I wish I were having a Texas winter. Counting the days till we're back above freezing. :)

Jenn said...

I love this!!!

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