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Preparing for a Newborn Session | Dallas/Ft. Worth Newborn Photographer

You are expecting a bundle of joy and you've made a list of must do's before baby arrives.  Have you booked your newborn portraits?  I recommend booking your newborn portraits in the last trimester of pregnancy at least 4-6 weeks before your estimated due date.  It's best to schedule newborn sessions within the first 12 days of life for the most sleepy and squishy poses.  When you contact me to book, I suggest tentatively scheduling your session about 6-7 days after your estimated due date.  This way if baby arrives late or a little early most likely they are within the perfect time frame for portraits.

Okay so you have scheduled your portraits, baby has arrived, now what?  Contact me as soon as baby has arrived in case we need to reschedule.

Prior to your session here is a list of preparations for your on-location newborn session.

1. Take care of yourself, let grandma watch baby while you give yourself some much needed pampering.  Hey you deserve it, you just had a baby!

IMG_4133 bw

2. Lay out your clothes if you plan on being in family/newborn portraits.  I suggest black or dark clothing to hide postpartum belly if you feel uncomfortable, which includes loose pants such as elastic waist, maternity pants, or a loose fitting dress.  Another option is to go airy with neutral colors such as beige.

 IMG_0418 bw

3. Do you have a special blanket or baby outfit that you want to include in the session?  Lay it out the day before so you don't forget.


4.  Be prepared with diapers, wipes, and towels for those naked baby shots.


5. Tidy up the rooms that may be used for portraits such as living room, master bedroom, and nursery.  Open your window shades to let the natural window light shine.  I often will use these rooms for lifestyle portraits of the family and/or siblings together with baby. 


6.  Last but not least and the most important!  On the session day be sure to set the heat to your home 78-80°especially for when baby is unclothed. 


Baby likes it warm and toasty for those sleep poses!

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Natalia said...

what great tips you have posted! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful images!!!

Stephanie Canada said...

What a great set of tips - Very helpful to new parents!

Love the images :)

Kim Kravitz said...

Great tips!! Thanks for sharing! :)

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