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Project 52 Week 1 | Flower Mound, TX Photographer

Those not family with Project 52 it is a weekly photograph project, there are also 365 projects.  I've wanted to participate in one but wasn't sure I could stick with it.  So I'm starting with 52.  I'm in a group on Clickin Moms with themed weekly assignments, this week is a self portrait.  One that isn't an easy one since I'm always behind the camera rather than in front.  So here it goes!

Week 1-Self Portrait
My idea was to capture myself with one of my roses. I dreamed of growing roses since childhood note my screen name. I had over 30 roses in our yard and sadly many have contracted Rose Rosette disease over the past few months. If you aren't familiar with this disease it is a virus that is spread by micro mites which eventually kills the plant and causes blooms to be deformed. We will have to start fresh in the spring. The miniature rose I'm holding is called Green Ice, they start out with a peach bud open to a white bloom and then fade to a greenish bloom. It is one of the roses in our yard that will bloom year round. Anyway here I am just turned 40 in December and I was very over due for a hair cut & color. I'm not crazy about the hand chop here but I was holding the remote, LOL.

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